One piece swimsuits designed with long torsos in mind.

Long Torso One Piece Swimsuits

Having a long torso doesn’t mean compromising on style or fit when it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit.

It’s no secret that every single woman’s body is different. Embrace your unique body shape and dive into summer fashion with our curated list of the best 12 long torso swimsuits. 

Designed for Long Torso

These thoughtfully designed swimwear options cater to your proportions, providing the perfect balance of style and comfort.

With the below brands, you can shop specifically for that elongated shape—long torso swimsuits for every personal style and price point. 

Best long torso one piece swimsuit for ensure a proper fit and avoid any pulling or riding up.

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How to choose the right one?

  • Look for designs with high-cut legs and deep V-necklines to create the illusion of a lengthened silhouette. 
  • Solid colors or vertical stripes work wonders in creating a streamlined effect.
  • For a modern and eye-catching choice, consider an asymmetrical swimsuit. These swimsuits add visual interest and draw attention to your torso in an elegant way.

Join us as we explore these figure-flattering choices and discover style tips to elevate your poolside ensemble.

Our Top Picks

Best Strapless for Long Torso

J.Crew Long Torso Ruched Bandeau One-Piece

Shop Now at J.Crew

One of the most important suit styles to ensure is that the correct torso length is a strapless one. No wardrobe malfunctions, here!

Or you can also wear bandeau bikinis to have the same effect.

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Best One Shoulder for Long Torso

Summersalt The Long Torso Sidestroke

Shop Now at Summersalt

Summersalt has amazing options for long torso swimsuits.

With an extra inch and three-quarters added to the length of this popular suit, you can get that one shoulder colorblock look without constantly pulling the chest up to its desired position. 

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Best Scoop Neck for Long Torso

Lands’ End Long Scoop Neck Sporty One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Lands’ End

Sold in a wide range of prints and solid colors, Lands’ End has designed some of their most popular swimwear in not only petite and plus size, but also long torso styles.

Best Long Torso Swimsuit with Waist Detail

L.L. Bean Saltwater Essentials Swimwear

Shop Now at L.L. Bean

Did you know that having a detail at the waist make your look longer?

You’ll love the subtle crossed detail at the waist of this suit that adds a little something extra without going over-the-top.

Best Sustainable Long Torso Swimsuit

Madewell Second Wave Long Torso One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Madewell

Not only does Madewell now sell whimsically printed tank swimsuits, especially designed for long torsos, but their design and manufacture is totally sustainable as well.

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Best Animal Print for Long Torso

Kona Sol Long Torso One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Target

For those times you really want to make a statement on the beach, go for an allover animal print. Especially great for long torsos.

Best Striped Long Torso Swimsuit

Aerie Grommet Scoop One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Aerie

Aerie is a brand that has built its platform on fitting bodies of all shapes and sizes, so many of their swimwear collection, including this colorful striped tank, is available in not only standard, but also long torso sizes.

Best High Cut for Long Torso

Shade & Shore Ribbed Plunge Front V-Wire Tall/Long Torso One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Target

Take full advantage of that long torso build and shop a swimwear style with a plunging neckline.

For a similar but different style, you can try cut out one piece swimsuits to keep up the trend!

Best Belted Long Torso Swimsuit

Long Tall Sally Tall Green Textured Belted Swimsuit

Shop Now at Long Tall Sally

This British brand is aptly named, selling not only ready-to-wear for taller women, but also swimwear specifically designed for longer torsoed girls.

Best V- Neck Swimsuit for Long Torso

Boden Corsica V-Neck Swimsuit

Shop Now at Boden

We love that this long torso suit has over-the-shoulder straps, with a halter neck vibe.

All you need is a cool water sandals to complete the look.

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Best Feminine Long Torso Swimsuit

Marysia Long Torso Palm Springs White Maillot

Shop Now at Marysia

With a feminine scalloped edge and a classic black or white tone, Marysia has taken their best-sellers and begun producing them in long torso cuts for taller girls.

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Most Affordable Long Torso Swimsuit

Cupshe One Piece Swimsuit

Shop Now at Amazon

Though not a specific “long torso” style, Cupshe is well-known for a line of suits that, more often than not, is better suited for taller girls, especially those with side ties or mid-section ruching.

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Pro Tip


Long torso swimsuits are crafted for a reason.

Shop the above and never again will you have to will yourself to fall in love with one pieces that don’t exactly fit you as comfortably as they should.

For all you taller women out there, these swimsuits are the game-changer that you’ve been searching for.

From bright color blocks to basic black, shop the above long torso swimsuits, just in time for summer.


What is considered a long torso for swimsuit?

In the context of swimsuits, a long torso refers to a body proportion where the distance between the shoulders and hips is longer than average. 

Individuals with long torsos typically have more space between their bust and waistline requiring swimsuits that are specifically designed to accommodate their proportions.

How do you know if you need a long torso swimsuit?

If you find that regular swimsuits tend to be too short in the torso area, causing discomfort or inadequate coverage, it is likely an indication that you have a longer torso.

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