14 Gucci sandals you’ll love…and how to wear them.

Gucci Sandals

Slide sandals are one of the most simple and chic warm weather wardrobe essentials you can own. You, quite literally, just slide your toes through the upper loop and you’re good to go.

No fuss, no muss, not even the requirement of a hand or a finger to assist in your fit.

That said, the styles run the gamut, from rubber pool slides to terry cloth sporty ones; slim leather ladies-who-lunch vibes, and clunkier early-aughts favorites. But, the question is, which one will you choose?

Style Tip: How to plan the outfits

As slide sandals go—especially designer slide sandals—it’s important to consider not only the sandal itself, but where it is that you’re going to wear them, how you’re going to style the kicks, and what wardrobe holes they’re going to fill.

After all, a splurge is a splurge so it’s well worth your pre-planning outfits to ensure they’re the right sandals for you.

One of the design houses with the largest selection of slide sandals is Gucci. And, with Gucci slides, you’ll have your pick of the ultra-sporty, in collaboration with Adidas, to the dainty feminine-focused silhouettes.

Made of rubber, accented with elegant bamboo buckles, or covered in a logo-printed canvas, you’ve got your pick.

Ahead, find our 14 favorite Gucci sandals of the moment, and read how we will be styling ours this summer and beyond.

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Our Top Picks

Best White Gucci Slides


Gucci Maxi GG Slide Sandal

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 We’ve fallen in love with these puffy slide sandals with the design house’s iconic logo in bright white and pastel pink.

They feel great for the transitional season when a furry slide might be too much, but it isn’t quite warm enough for an espadrille.

Style Tip: Wear them for a pop of color with a uniform of vintage jeans and a T-shirt nearly every day of the year.

Best Gucci Flat Sandals


Gucci Interlocking G Cut-Out Slide Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

Many a design house has a version of the leather slide sandal. And for good reason. It’s an elegant take on the trend, with a subtle logo that’s unique to each and every high-fashion brand.

We particularly love these because they offer a bright pop of color for any look you choose.

Style Tip: While they look stunning with everyday jeans, we love them as a dressed-up alternative with a midi dress for springtime luncheons and casual dinners.

Best Gucci Platform Sandals


Gucci Adidas x Gucci Platform Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

Gucci these might be, but they harken back to those OG rainbow platforms from Ferragamo nearly a century ago.

Style Tip: With all this color packed into a head-turning pair of slide sandals, these are best worn with jean shorts and an elegant silk camisole, tucked in—just-so.

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Best Gucci Slides


Gucci Interlocking G Slide Sandal

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We love the retro feel of these off-white, green, and red rubber slide sandals. As such, they deserve an equally vintage-inspired look.

Style Tip: Might we suggest a pair of sweat shorts and a vintage tee for a coffee run in the morning?

Best Gucci Jelly Sandals


Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

For beach days, make sure you have a slide sandal that’s totally waterproof. With a little flair, these Gucci slides feature a double strap that looks like a chain, made of a cherry red rubber.

Style Tip: With these? It’s simple. All you need is an elegant one piece swimsuit and perfect sarong and you’re good to go.


Best Brown Gucci Sandals


Gucci Slide Sandal with Bamboo Buckle

Shop Now at Gucci

These Gucci flat sandals just scream ladies who lunch…in 1960. And we’re totally obsessed. Between the two-tone stitched detail, belt motif, and bamboo buckle, we’re sold.

Style Tip: Wear these with your favorite midi dress for all those afternoon and evening activities your summer calendar is filled with.

Best Espadrille Sandals


Gucci Espadrille Slide with Interlocking G

Shop Now at Gucci

If you’re an espadrille girl at heart who is looking for a more simple dressing solution to crisscrossing laces and tying them in a box, look to these slide sandals from Gucci.

They’ve been crafted with a slightly flatform-style espadrille sole that’s topped by a white canvas slide design and a contrasting navy logo on top.

Style Tip: Style these with a tennis skirt for a more relaxed take on the retro trend.

Best Gucci Rubber Sandals


Gucci Rubber Slide Heel Sandals

Shop Now at Gucci

Have that early-aughts Barbiecore moment thanks to Gucci’s rubber slide sandals.

Style Tip: In a pastel pink shade with a tonal brand name across the strap, these block heeled sandals are the perfect pairing to your coordinated pink mini dress, choker necklace, and denim trucker (slung perfectly over both shoulders, of course).

Best Gucci Rubber Slides


Gucci Rubber GG Slide Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

If you’re a lover of all things classic and easy, shop these cutout rubber slide sandals.

Style Tip: In all black, the logo pattern is laser-cut and works well with any swimsuits and cover ups you’re wearing poolside this summer.

Best Black Gucci Sandals


Gucci Slide with Double G

Shop Now at Gucci

If tailored sophistication is what you’re after, these are the most classic of the bunch.

Style Tip: While the quilted leather slide sandals are an effortless pairing to more tailored office-bound or dinnertime looks, we love adding them to our classic everyday look, with ankle-cropped jeans, an oversized cashmere sweater, and a leather jacket or blazer on top.

Best Gucci Chunky Sandals


Gucci Adidas x Gucci GG Clog

Shop Now at Gucci

Go full-blown flower child…with a sporty twist…when you shop these flatform Gucci x Adidas slide sandals that boast an epic chunky wood sole.

Style Tip: Show these babies off in all their glory by wearing them with shorts or a skirt that put them on full display, topped with a cool-girl sweatshirt and suede jacket as a final layer.

Best Gucci Platform Slides


Gucci Adidas GG Platform Sandals

Shop Now at Gucci

For the ultimate in ‘90s retro, go athleisure with this red terry cloth slide sandal.

With a slight flatform sole, it’s super soft, feels like your favorite pair of Juicy Couture sweatpants, and adds a pop of logo-mania color with ease.

Style Tip: As an ultra casual slide sandal option, you’ll love adding this whimsical pair of kicks when wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Best Gucci Pool Slides


Gucci Adidas x Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

If you love a rubber slide, but want something a little extra, these are the sandals for you.

Style Tip: As they’re made entirely of rubber, they’re not exactly pavement pounders, but their bright pink hue makes them the perfect sporty accompaniment to a floral maxi coverup when you’re dining al fresco post beach day.

Best Gucci Slide Sandals


Gucci Platform Slide Sandal

Shop Now at Gucci

These Gucci slide sandals are not for the faint at heart. With not one, but two woven logo-printed canvas weaves, they’re a head-turner to be sure.

Style Tip: As such, keep it classic with the rest of your look, pairing them with jeans or chinos, a casual neutral T-shirt or bralette top, and a lightweight cashmere pullover on top.

Pro Tip 😎

The outfit is just as important as the sandal, so consider how you’ll be styling yours before choosing the right Gucci sandals for you.

Whether you’re going for that athleisure vibe, dipping your toe into the Barbiecore pool, or more of a classic dress, Gucci has a slide sandal for you.

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