Viva Cabana was created to help take the guesswork out of planning a fabulous trip. Whether you are deciding where to go or what to pack, our team of fashion and travel experts are constantly curating the best guides to the hottest destinations with up-to-date picks on what to buy before you go.

For each destination, you’ll find the ultimate travel inspiration with choices of what to do, eat and see along with our signature Perfect Day itineraries for family trips, romantic vacations and girls’ getaways. Best of all, we’ve made packing so simple with head-to-toe outfit selects for women, men and kids. 

Not planning a trip right now? Let us inspire you with upcoming special events, trending brands, and more shopping ideas. No matter what kind of trip you are taking, we’ve got you (and your suitcase!) covered. 


Nana Lee, the Founder of Viva Cabana, has worked in the fashion industry for about 20 years alongside her father, noted South Korean designer Lie Sang Bong, and her brother, Chung Lee who is head designer of LIE. As a mom with a busy professional life, she realized that there wasn’t a place to help her figure out where to go next with the family (or just friends), and what to pack for that destination. Nana realized others must have the same need and started Viva Cabana to solve that exact problem.

With her contacts in tow, Nana put together a team of fashion and travel industry experts to help curate and research where to go, what to pack (to look amazing!) — plus what to do, see, and eat when you’ve arrived. Viva Cabana destinations are the places that we know people want to visit based on trending data and personal experience, and they’ve paired them with their best outfit picks for everyone in the family. Viva Cabana’s guiding principle is to provide inspiration and practical advice for fashionable trips.

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