All the essentials to pack for all your trips.

Travel Essentials

Here at Viva Cabana we love to travel. We mean love to travel. But what comes with that deep love is an aim to take all the stress out of the experience.

Ok, well, most of the stress out of the experience. Starting with packing.

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The List

We believe in a well-curated list of travel essentials. They’re chic, they’re packable, their aim is to ensure you have all the comforts of home while you’re on the go without the fuss or bulk.

And, might we add, we’ve gotten it down to a pretty stylish science, if you ask us. 

Must Haves

From international converters to pet carriers; the perfect post-flight eye patches and weekend road trip totes alike, shop the following 21 travel essentials you can’t live without.

You’ll thank us, we promise.

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Our Top Picks

Carry On Suitcase


Away The Carry-On

Shop Now at Away

Let’s start with the bag. Especially with all of the current issues checking luggage at airports all around the world these days, a rolling suitcase that also fits into the overhead storage is a must.

This one snugly fits within the TSA dimensions for carry on and most international airlines, too.

We love this one because it’s durable (i.e. it can be checked if you want!) and has a handy phone charger for when you’re sitting at the gate and realize your battery is running low. 

Tote Bag


L.L. Bean Boat and Tote, Zip-Top

Shop Now at L.L. Bean

If you’re just headed out for the weekend and looking for a durable carry on that you can sling over your shoulder and go, look to the OGs of totes.

The “Boat and Tote” to be specific. In a wide range of colors, shop L.L. Bean’s zip-top version of the classic so that all of your items stay snug and in place until you reach your final destination.

Cashmere Wrap


White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap

Shop Now at White + Warren

There’s a reason that White + Warren considers their Cashmere Travel Wrap one of their most iconic pieces. And we do too, especially when traveling.

Take it on a long flight or short car ride to wear as a blanket, shawl, scarf, and more.

Pet Carrier


Paravel Cabana Pet Carrier

Shop Now at Paravel

For those with a fur baby that’s just as much of a jet-setter as they are, shop Paravel’s new pet carrier.

It takes furry travel to the next level with a bag for your little one that’s just as chic as all of the others you carry for yourself.

Travel Jewelry Case


Smythson Circular Trinket Case

Shop Now at Smythson

Whether it’s makeup, bracelets, or other trinkets that don’t need to be individually wrapped but you also don’t want to get lost at the bottom of your bag, a trinket case is a must for the avid traveler.

Shop one of the most classically beautiful of the bunch from Smythson, be it round, square, or rectangular.



Anya Hindmarch Be A Bag Washbag Small

Shop Now at Anya Hindmarch

For all your travel makeup needs, elevate your washbag with the help of whimsical designer Anya Hindmarch.

Crafted of canvas with a dark brown leather trim, you can upload whatever photo you choose to be printed on the front. Be it your fur baby, human babies, or simply a landscape you love.

Hand Cleanser


Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Shop Now at Byredo

Allow Byredo to turn that hand sanitizer on its head.

Fitting perfectly in your bag, whether you’re on the go at home or traveling near and far, this rinse-free hand cleanser smells like heaven and does the job of a quick hand wash at the same time.

Eye Serum


Chanel Le Lift

Shop Now at Chanel

On a long plane ride, when you’re looking to feel revitalized and fresh when you hit your final destination, splurge on this Chanel eye serum.

First, roll on the travel-friendly gel then place the patches under your eyes. When you wake up at the end of your journey, puffiness and dark rings are reduced and you’re ready to go!



Apple AirPods Pro

Shop Now at Amazon

Ok, while you might very well be wearing these on the regular, here’s to all of those people who have been dragging their feet to splurge.

The Apple AirPods Pro are all that and more, especially for the traveler. They tiny enough to fit in any bag you’re taking, cut out noise, and have a comfortable fit and elongated battery life.

What else could you ask for?

Packing Cubes


Bag-All BA Packing Organizers and Travel Set in Gingham Linen, 7-pack

Shop Now at Bag-All

No matter what suitcase or duffel you use, it’s hard to keep everything as organized as you’d like.

Bag-All has all of your packing cube solutions, be they bags for laundry, lingerie, tech supplies, or zip-tops for delicates, foldable items, and more.

The best part is they come as fully curated sets in a whimsical gingham pattern. 

Gel Mask


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Shop Now at Sephora

Spend your flight masking. Well, at least ten minutes of it.

With a totally unassuming mask that you can rub right into your skin when you’re done, you’ll love this nourishing mask that will keep your skin hydrating on the driest of airline flights.

Travel Steamer


Steamery Cirrus 3 Iron/Steamer

Shop Now at Shopbop

If you’re traveling with anything from a silk dress to a button down shirt, odds are you’re going to be in need of an iron or steamer upon arrival.

Shop the easy-to-use handheld (and, might we add, chic as ever!) steamers from Steamery that will erase any packing creases in no time.

Travel Adapter


Unidapt Universal Travel Adapter

Shop Now at Amazon

If you’re traveling abroad, this is—hands down—the best power adapter we have ever used (and we’ve tried a lot!).

We love that in a small plug-in, you can pop out a multitude of options depending on what country you’re traveling to. And it fits in any plug (even USBs!) snugly and easily, no matter what you need to charge up.

Reusable Food Pouch


Stasher 3-Pack Reusable On-the-Go Bowls

Shop Now at Nordstrom

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a family of little ones, you’ll love these Stasher bags.

They’re reusable and more durable than a Ziploc, but don’t take up as much space as a plastic container or boxes of unopened snacks.

The best part is that they stand up as you eat out of them, making for a mess-free solution—no matter what food you put inside.

Travel Size Perfume


Diptyque L’Art Du Parfum Discovery Set

Shop Now at Net-a-Porter

When traveling, it isn’t always an available option to carry your favorite perfume bottle with you. Perhaps it’s too fragile, maybe it’s just too large…the list goes on.

As such, you’ll love this high-end perfume discovery set that you can not only take traveling with ease but also will have your pick of five perfect scents, depending on your mood.



La Ligne Marin Sweater

Shop Now at La Ligne

Even if you’re traveling to a warm-weather beach vacation, you’re still going to want an oversized, cozy sweater for your flight to your final destination.

We love the classic La Ligne Marin sweater, which now comes in nearly every color under the sun. You’ll immediately fall in love, too.

Shoulder Bag


Goyard Artois MM Bag

Shop Now at Goyard

It’s time to look back at a classic for your throw-over-your-shoulder essential travel.

If you’re a lover of Goyard totes already, with their whimsically-colored allover logo design, shop the similar soft style with a zip-top that’s great for travel.

Travel Size Bottles


Morfone Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries

Shop Now at Amazon

We love these mini toiletry bottles for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and more for so many reasons.

They’re made of silicone, so you’ll be able to squeeze the most product out as possible without leaving gobs behind. The different colors help you keep track of which is which.

And they come in a handy clear case so that they’re protected from the rest of your carry-on items. Simple, clever, and stylish!



Welly Quick Fix Kit Colorwash

Shop Now at Amazon

Welly has the best selection of on-the-go bandages, with whimsical prints for children and adults plus classic first aid kit items including: hand sanitizer, cortisone cream, and antibiotic ointment.

You never know when you’ll need a little help in the bandage department, so make sure to always have a Welly tin on hand.

Passport Covers


Graphic Image Passport Holder

Shop Now at Graphic Image

Keep your passport safe with a wallet made specifically for it.

While you can cover both sides of it like a book, we also love slipping your passport into one side and your other essentials, like a ticket or vaccine card, in the other.

Spot Treatment


ZitSticka Killa Kit

Shop Now at ZitSticka

Even with flawless skin, you never really know when you’re going to get that one pimple that appears the morning of your big out-of-town event. Always.

ZitSticka is a miracle cure when it comes to zapping those zits instantly. And they come in individually packaged pouches so that you can take a few on the go to have on hand in case of emergency.

Pro Tip 😎

Stick to a formula. With most of the above (depending on whether you’re traveling near or far), you’ll be covered for all small emergencies, long flights, and easeful travel…in style.

It’s important to us that travel stay as easy, and chic, as possible. All with the help of this carefully curated selection of packable travel essentials.

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