The sarong is the perfect beach cover up worn as a dress or a skirt.


Sure, your new collection of swimwear is fantastic, but eventually you’re going to want to cover it up … at least a little. The easiest and chicest solution? A sarong, which is basically an oversized scarf that effortlessly transitions to a wrap skirt in a snap.

The best part is? You can tie it on the side, in the front, or even wrap it around your neck if you’re so inclined.

In 2023, a sarong is still one of the most stylish forms of beachwear. Sarong is a vacation must-have because of their versatility, too. You can really get creative with the way you wear it!

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How to wear a sarong?

Underneath a sarong, you can wear your swimsuit. And there are so many different ways to tie a sarong to provide different forms of swimsuit coverage.

Wear it around your hips to cover up your legs while still showing off your stylish bikini top.

You can wear a sarong with a one-piece swimsuit too! Tie it around your waist or hips, or even around your chest or neck like a chic coverup dress.

Women by the beach have been rocking a sarong for generations. Now it’s your chance to do so, too.

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Best Large Size Sarong

Seafolly Women’s Sarong Pareo Swimsuit Cover Up

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Seafolly is an Australian beachwear brand that’s been around since 1975, so you know one thing for sure: they’re going to get sarongs right. Try this printed sarong in 100% cotton.

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Best Tropical Sarong

Skye Women’s Sarong Swimwear Cover-Up

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Whether you’re into feminine florals or wild leotard print, check out this sarong from Skye on Amazon. It’s sure to fill all your swimwear cover up needs.

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Best Abstract Print Sarong

Fisch Turisimo Sarong

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Sustainable brand Fisch is a new go-to when it comes to colorful prints and abstract patterns, and their sarong selection is no exception to the rule.

Best White Sarong

Seafolly Women’s Sarong Swimsuit Cover Up

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You can never go wrong with the basics, like this white cotton sarong. Reviews rave about the high quality fabric and perfect fit.

Best Floral Sarong

Agua by Agua Bendita Floral Sarong

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There is nothing quite like an Agua Bendita floral print, and this pretty blue array fits the bill—with a subtle fringed edge too!

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Best Short Sarong

Ekouaer Women Sarong Beach Wrap

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You can show off your alluring legs in a sizzling red bikini in a sexy short sarong like this one, in any color under the rainbow. This option from Amazon is extremely affordable.

Best Designer Sarong

Celine Tie-Dye Sarong

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Splurge on your sarong! Get into that Americana spirit with a tie-dye bandana-print sarong from Celine.

Best Affordable Sarong

Sunshine 79 Women’s Swimsuit Beach Cover Up Sarong

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Get into groovy psychedelic swirls with this cover-up sarong from Amazon. We love the retro vibe which is so trendy.

Best Silk Sarong

Cloe Cassandro Silk Sarong

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Keep it ethereal with a wispy-light silk sarong that you can layer, shorten, or re-style without fear of unwanted bunching.

Best Sarong Skirt

Anemos Sarong Skirt

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Sometimes you just want to keep it simple with a lightweight, tie-front sarong in a pale shade of seafoam.

Best Retro Sarong

Tropic of C The Sienna Sarong

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This brightly toned, stripe mini pareo will transport you to a beach in 1976. But hey, is there anything better?

Best Hand-Dyed Sarong

Fella Pareo Sarong

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Though you’ll be shopping for a style that’s similar to that pictured, the beauty of this sarong is that each one is handmade and hand-dyed, so each is truly one-of-a-kind.

Best Rainbow Sarong

Missoni Sarong Skirt

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A splurge, to be sure, but this rainbow sarong is the ultimate in Italian beachwear chic, hands down.

Wear it to Lake Como in Italy!

Best Pom Pom Sarong

Playa Lucila Sarong

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Go for a whimsy beach look with a block-print sarong wrap that boasts mini pom poms down the edge.

Best Stylish Sarong

Eres Sarong

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If you’re searching for a sarong that’s a little more styled than an oversized scarf that you fashion on your own, choose this Eres style that is a no-brainer wrap skirt instead.

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Best Scarf Style Sarong

Emilio Pucci Cotton Sarong

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There are few looks quite as retro as a printed Pucci scarf, so shop for a sarong large enough to wrap around your entire body this summer!

Pro Tip


Versatile and easy to carry around, sarongs are great for layering and styling your beachwear.

What is A sarong?

The history of the sarong is said to date back to the 15th century in the Malay Archipelago, and were likely inspired by a similar garment, the lungi, worn by Indian traders on the coast of Java.

Historically, sarongs were worn by both men and women in many different cultures, including in areas of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The oldest sarongs would have been made with cotton in a checkered pattern, and were excellent for a tropical climate. Another similar garment is the Pareo, which comes from Tahiti. These can be worn like a skirt, as pants, or even tied at the chest for full body coverage. 


What is the difference between a sarong and pareo?

When it comes to accessories of this nature, the words “sarong” and “pareo” are often used interchangeably. The difference, as it happens, is pretty limited as well… and it really just has to do with where they originated.

“Sarongs” is the term that has emerged from French Polynesia, while “pareos” is the colloquial name for the fabric wrap in Indonesia.

Technically, a “sarong” came onto the scene first, often made of batik fabric and richly dyed, while the “pareo” followed suit, adapting the style to more Western materials. That said, today, you can use both terms with synonymous appeal.

Not only are sarongs the easiest throw-on-and-go beach cover-up, but the styling possibilities are endless. Shop your favorites now—summer is just around the corner.

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