Here are 14 outfit ideas for all the best Gucci slides you can buy right now.

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Slide sandals. They are among the most easy-to-wear pieces of footwear that you could possibly own. Literally. All you have to do is slide your toes under the strap and you’re good to go. And one of the most popular design houses to champion the slide sandal is, of course, Gucci. With crossed straps, single-line top; made of leather, rubber, canvas, and even fur; the supply of slide sandals from Gucci is nearly limitless. 

Gucci Slides

This summer in particular, Gucci has released an offering fit for everyone’s style. You can shop the Y2K-throwback platforms made of bright pink terry cloth; go boudoir-inspired with a pair made entirely of faux fur; or opt for a more tailored look with a single strap leather pair. 

Ahead, find the 14 best Gucci slides of the season, and find out exactly how you should be styling them.

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GG Platform Sandal Back to the Early-Aughts

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Outfit Tip! The early aughts are alive and well in these pink terry cloth slides. And, with shoes that remind you of your favorite retro track suit, it’s best to lean into the trends of the decade. Style these throwback kicks with flare jeans, a baby tee, and maybe even a choker to finish it off. After all, if not now, then when?


GG Raffia Effect Slide The Palm Beach Effect

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Outfit Tip! One of the biggest trends of the season is raffia, well, everything. So, of course you need to shop a pair of Gucci slides in the material. With a super small heel, these sandals give off a true Palm Beach ladies-who-lunch vibe, so slip into them when wearing your best floral mini or crisp shirtdress.


Padded Web Slide Sandal Classic with a Twist

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Outfit Tip! Those classic Adidas style slides are getting the superstar treatment with a padded top thanks to the Italian design house. In classic bands of green and red, this pair of Gucci slides deserves the most classic of looks. With a white cotton tee, ankle crop jeans, and a few layered gold bracelets, you will live in these shoes…all summer long.


Adidas x Gucci GG Platform Sandal Sporty Chic

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Outfit Tip! Gucci’s brand new collaboration with Adidas, of course, extended to footwear. And considering Adidas themselves were among the OGs of slide sandals, it makes perfect sense. Style these sporty kicks with sweat shorts and an oversized cashmere boyfriend sweater for a little high-low action.


Adidas x Gucci Platform Sandal Retro Love

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Outfit Tip! Remember Judy Garland’s Ferragamo sandals—in 1938!—that boasted a layered rainbow platform? Gucci has, again, hopped on the colorful bandwagon, crafting a pair of platform slides that truly have to be given the space to shine. A little black day dress in linen or cotton and little else to speak of is all you need to make a statement in these epic slide sandals.


GG Matelassé Canvas Espadrille Sandal Italy Goes French

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Outfit Tip! You love your summer espadrilles so much, why not give them the slide sandals treatment as well? Opt for this monogram style for all logo-mania lovers. Let the Parisian style guide you: espadrilles with a flowing midi dress and woven wicker handbag when styling Gucci slides this summer.

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Rubber Slide Sandal Waterproof Babies

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Outfit Tip! If you’re going to be spending most of your days by the water’s edge, opt for Gucci’s slides that are fully waterproof. These rubber sandals are like a pair of grown-up jellies, to be slipped into with nothing more than a swimsuit and cover up.

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Slide Sandal with Gucci Logo Seeing Clearly

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Outfit Tip! If you want to take those jellies to the next level, go for a pair with a small platform and block heel. And, no, you don’t have to be wearing a bikini all day to make these worth it. Leaning into the Y2K theme, style these babies with a denim mini skirt and silk camisole, just like you did in your youth.


Web Slide Sandal The OG 2.0

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Outfit Tip! If you’re looking for a simple slide sandal that has a little more coverage for comfort, these crisscross Gucci slides do just that. With the brand’s classic colorway, these are certainly a more casual look when it comes to slide sandals. Keep it simple with a black or white bodysuit and pair of vintage Daisy Dukes for your ultimate everyday summer uniform.

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The North Face x Gucci Slide Logo-Mania

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Outfit Tip! Leave it to North Face to launch a collaboration with Gucci that takes logomania to new heights. For the most monogram of all the sandals, these Gucci canvas slides are practically begging to be worn with a pair of loose track pants, slim white tee, and maybe even a matching track jacket…if you dare.


Gucci Women’s Slide with Double G The 1970s Are Back

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Outfit Tip! Sure, you love those classic rubber slide sandals, but this design makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to the 1970s. As such, go for a pair of high waisted flare jeans when looking for the perfect pairing to these slip on sandals. On top? Add a little feminine appeal with a cotton jersey T-shirt that boasts a slight puff sleeve.


Slide Sandal with Interlocking G Like Walking on a Cloud

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Outfit Tip! With these Gucci slides, you’ll feel like you’re walking on an actual cloud. And it’s only natural that you keep that boudoir-inspired vibe going with your apparel. To ensure that you’ll have a look appropriate for the great outdoors, grab your favorite pair of broken-in denim shorts and top them with a silk pajama-style button-down shirt.


Interlocking G Cut Out Slide Sandal Ladies Who Lunch

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Outfit Tip! For a more tailored look, shop for the Gucci slides made of all leather, especially a deep brown tone. These slides pair perfectly with a silk midi skirt and soft cotton white T-shirt, tucked in to nip in your waist. If Grace Kelly owned a pair of Gucci slides, we’re sure it would be these.


GG Blooms Supreme Floral Slide Sandal Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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Outfit Tip! Years ago, Gucci introduced their monogram slide sandals, painted with colorful blooms. Adding a bit of feminine flair to an otherwise sporty pair of kicks, they still remain one of the most popular of the bunch. They’re casual, to be sure, but can be styled with a lot of color, like a pair of pixie pants that are paired with a colorful embroidered cotton blouse or camisole.

Pro Tip


You can never have too many slide sandals especially when it comes to Gucci slides. Shop for a few: one to fit every sartorial mood, of course.

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Whether you’re already a slide sandal lover or new to the trend, there’s no denying that few do it quite like Gucci. It might be time to hop on the Gucci slides trend this summer, don’t you think?

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