14 waterproof mascaras that will hold up while you swim.

Waterproof Mascaras

There’s nothing like a stroke of jet black mascara to really make your eyes pop. You have one for every day of the week and then some—many volumize, others lengthen, more still curl. But how well do they hold up to moisture? Likely, not very. And, as great as it feels to put that mascara on, it feels pretty awful to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that some combination of sweat and tears has caused it to become a streaking mess all over your face. And then, come summer, you’re faced with even more of an issue when you want to be able to take that fresh-faced mascara look into the pool or ocean. Same issue. Until now.

It’s time to think about switching to a waterproof mascara.

We’ve rounded up the 14 best waterproof mascara options just in time for swimming season. And, even if you’re nowhere near a body of water, you’ll love their long-lasting appeal when it comes to summer sweat and some good old ugly cries. You might never go back to your old mascara again.



Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara

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You’d never know that you’ve been in the water…at least when looking at your eyes…when using this mascara. 

Key Features: Not only does it hold its curl, color, and volume after you dunk, but the carnauba wax ensures your lashes are ultra soft, too.


Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara

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You love Chanel’s everyday mascara formula, so it stands to reason that you would want the same defined lashes in the pool as well.

Key Features:  The waterproof formula even has added Provitamin B5 to nourish your lashes while you are wearing it.


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

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For an affordable drugstore buy, this L’Oreal Paris waterproof mascara leaves your lashes perfectly protected from the waves without washing it away.

Key Features: It doesn’t clump or dry out your lashes as you wear it.


Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara

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This silicone brush aids in the definition of your lashes—a shape that holds long after you apply it. 

Key Features: With its waterproof formula, the shape will hold and color will stay even after a day full of wave crashing.


Lancôme Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara

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This lightweight waterproof mascara boasts an extra-large brush to ensure that you grab more lashes with each swipe.

Key Features: Maximizing the voluminous effect.


Ere Perez Natural Avocado Waterproof Mascara

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The search for a natural formula, especially when it comes to waterproof mascara, is a tough one. But Ere Perez has your back with their avocado oil formula. 

Key Features: Not only does it stand the test of soaking wet time, but it will nourish your lashes as you wear it as well.


Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara

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Smashbox has infused their waterproof formula with olive oil to make your lashes as soft as ever, even post pool dip. 

Key Features: It boasts a longer brush that helps to build length as well as volume.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

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Sure, you want your waterproof mascara to hold up through all of your summertime activities, but when it’s time to remove it, there’s nothing worse than the feeling that it doesn’t come off—even with the best makeup remover. 

Key Features: This mascara stays on all day, but is one of the easiest to remove, come time, as well.


Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

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This fan-favorite strengthens, lengthens, and curls—and stands up against all of the elements. 

Key Features: The best part is, it comes in a waterproof formula that you’ll love just as much as the original.


Byredo Waterproof Mascara

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Yes, this Byredo waterproof mascara is a splurge, but once you try it, you will fall instantly in love. Sure, it holds up against a pool dip, but also for everyday wear with sweat, tears, and the like. 89% of the ingredients are natural and it’s totally buildable, depending on how big you want to go. 

Key Features: What’s more, it’s one of the most comfortable ergonomic shapes to hold.


Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

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You love Clinique for its focus on sensitivity. 

Key Features: The formulas are gentle and allergist-tested, including their cult favorite waterproof mascara.


Milk Makeup Mini Kush Waterproof Mascara

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For a mascara tube that’s easy to take with you on the go, shop this mini Milk Makeup tube. 

Key Features: It has the same reliable waterproof formula, but in a handbag-friendly size.


Nudestix Vegan Splashproof Mascara

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Nudestix’s waterproof mascara is infused with multivitamins and plant-based oils to keep your lashes moisturized during wear. They also help to strengthen and protect your lashes for future. 

Key Features: What’s more, the formula is vegan and—of course—will stand the test of waterproof time.


Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

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For that classic full-lash look, Maybelline has been a favorite for more than 40 years. 

Key Features: You can take that classic brand to the pool, too, with their go-to waterproof formula.

Pro Tip


While all mascaras on this list hit their mark, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to comfort just because you’re looking for a waterproof mascara option. The right ones (see above!) feel exactly the same as your favorite everyday wear…just a little bit stronger when it comes to the pool. 

This summer and beyond, make sure to have a waterproof mascara or two on hand so that you look just as perfect when you hop out of the pool as you did when you first took the plunge.

How to SAFELY remove waterproof mascara

To protect your skin, you should never go to sleep with makeup on. But when waterproof mascara lives up to its name, it can be more difficult to fully remove when you’re washing your face at the end of the day. This requires a more heavy-duty remover, formulated with long-lasting and waterproof makeup in mind. Here’s how to gently cleanse your eyelashes without a mess or irritating your eyes:

Step 1. Soak two cotton pads with eye makeup remover specifically formulated to remove waterproof products.

Step 2. Close your eyes and place the soaked cotton pads on your eyelids for about thirty seconds, pressing gently on your eyelashes to loosen the mascara.

Step 3. Afterwards, you should be able to simply wipe away your waterproof mascara (and other makeup) as usual!

Best waterproof mascara remover: Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Mascara Remover

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