White Work Shirts for Women

Shop the best white work shirts from classic button downs to modern updates.

The modern take on white work shirts makes them essential for every women’s wardrobe.

We have selected the best options for your office approved white shirts that are stylish and functional.

Vica Cabana Picks


Which brand of white shirt is best?

Much like our style, the best brand is also personal! If you have a go-to designer, odds are you’ll also love their white work shirts. 

If you’re not sure where to start, read on about the must-haves you can consider. 

How do I find the perfect white work shirt?

Consider what fabric, fit, and style is best for you. If you have long days, try a wrinkle-free fabric to look crisp all day.

Or if you want a shirt for your 5-9 after you 9-5, try a classic silk shirt or one with a fashionable twist, like a corset detail.

What are the best fabric choices for white work shirts?

The most popular fabric is cotton, with silk being the runner-up. Just check the care instructions when choosing the fabric for you. 

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